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- www .
myrussianlady24. com / www .viktoriyasagentur. de / www .viktoriyasagency. com: (These websites are not active for the time being).

These 3 scam websites are owned and operated by a 56 years old German scammer Thomas Lautenbach (Nickname: Tommi)/ (Birth date: 13 April 1959). His photo is below. (Address: Am Wasserwerk 4, Rottenburg 84056 Germany (Also reported to be living and moving between Nuernberg, Seeheim-Jugenheim and Landshut near Munich) / Phone: +49 17641075286 - +49 8781203820 - +49 1708182407 / Email: / /

This fraudster hasn't a permanent job, but beside his scam business he is occasionally a truck driver and a salesman for model cars, trains, planes etc.

The scammer
Thomas Lautenbach (We received this photo from a German man who was ripped off by this scammer)

This agency recruits girls from Russian and Ukrainian escort services, publish false information, invalid profiles, stolen Russian women's photos, send bogus emails and what worse this scammer write letters to clients on the lady’s behalf and after they feel that everything went “too far”, they write a long “sorry, I have found my soul mate” letter and that’s it.

We would suggest very strongly that you do not use these websites. In short – he take your money for a period of membership for nothing until your membership runs out then refuse to do anything, and when you make complain to this scammer he starting to threaten you with things like that he will black list your email address. Or you write to a lady for 3 or 4 months never could get her number so you could talk to her on the phone, then travel all the way to her city only to find out she was never exist or at best was never interested in you!.

On their main page there are phrases like (We provide true pictures and information of real, beautiful, sexy, intelligent and well educated Ladies. Our mail order bride catalogue is updated on daily basis and every week you will find more than hundred new entries). No way, he is nothing but a sorry joke, the true is: He provides stolen pictures and fake women information. Yes, his catalogue is updated on daily basis, but with fake (brides).

He also declares on his main page that the correspondence with ladies are through convenient internal mail-system of his site. This fraudulent internal system is ONLY convenient for the owner and his scam business. This scammer would never provide men with ladies' direct emails, phone numbers or postal addresses, Why? Because he doesn't have them.

What’s more, the con artist
Thomas Lautenbach is in a close contact with Russian and Ukrainian scammers and scam mafia (Especially in Odessa/Ukraine) and does receive his commission for every scammed man. Here is an example of his cooperation with scam artists, a well known scammer Karina Lykova from St- Petersburg/Russia.
To view her scam profile on myrussianlady24 / viktoriyasagentur / viktoriyasagency CLICK HERE

Below are some examples of blacklists, forums and anti scam websites where Karina Lykova was reported and black listed:



This scammer has copied and placed an anti-scam website's banner on his main pages to look like legitimate and trustworthy ....... worthless.

We caution all men to avoid these websites at all costs. it is one big basket of fraud, thieves and scammers.

We recently received an email from a German truck driver who asked us not to public his name. He said that Thomas Lautenbach is trying to leave Germany and run away to the USA and Canada. He provided us with below advertisement that he found on a site dedicated in helping drivers find truck driving jobs. The advertisement was:

German Truck Driver want to work and live in Canada
Hello, my name is Thomas and i am looking here for a job as truck-driver in canada.
I am 48 years old, married and want to leave germany in the middle of 2008.
I have long experience through europe from north to south and i would like to go long distance inside canada and usa. its for me no problem to be 2 weeks on the run.
My trucks was in weight over 40 t and in length over 24 meters.
If you are interested in me, please contact :

Below are other reports and emails we received from people who have been scammed by Thomas Lautenbach:


Dear Dating World Agency,

On your webpage I have found the scammer Thomas Lautenbach. This guy is well known to me,
because of his lies and frauds. In September 2007, Thomas Lautenbach had ordered a complete
satellite system, additional its installation, to receive the ASTRA and EUTELSAT - HOTBIRD satellite TV-programmes,
also including russian TV programmes for his russian wife Olesya Lautenbach. The bill of material and my working time
has not been totally paid until today.

To my information or knowledge, other companies were also defrauded by Thomas Lautenbach.

In addition I give you the current adress of Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach, since September 2007:
Thomas and Olesya Lautenbach
63654 Büdingen - Orleshausen, GERMANY
Hardeckring 16 A
Phone: +49 6042-958786
Fax: +49 6042-9797074
Mobile:+49 176-41054084

Greetings from Germany!


We’ve found your site after dealing with Thomas Lautenbach. We had the misfortune to buy something from him through Ebay. We paid for a model train and then he said the article wasn’t what he thought it was so he wanted to cancel the sale. As you can probably already guess we’re still waiting for our money to return after 3 months.
Just for you to know, his pseudo at Ebay is gangster-5000. (At least he announces he’s a gangster...)
You can add our story to your scammers page. Apparently the same thing happened to some other people in the period that Lautenbach was active on Ebay. We will try to contact them.
The additional information about him:
Informaton about Thomas Lautenbach on Ebay gangster-5000
Pseudo : gangster-5000
Name : Thomas Lautenbach
Société :
City : Büdingen
Région : default
Country : Deutschland
Téléphone : 06042958876 / 09947-904748
Date d'inscription : Dienstag, 09. Okt. 2007 17:54:26 MESZ
Email address that he sents us is: Alisha und Tommi (
If you want any further information you can contact us.
V Everdinen

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to inform you on the couple of Thomas Lautenbach and
Olesya Lautenbach who defrauded our client, too.
Our client sold them several model trains and was not paid in full. We
had to sue him first, while she told us ist was all her business. After
charging him with the district attorney she paid most of the debt.
Now we tracked them down at
Thomas Lautenbach
Olesya Lautenbach
Alsenstraße 3
D-23556 Luebeck
Fax: 004945140039084
Suing him seems not to be promising, for the bailiff told us he is broke,
made an affidavit and lives on his wife.
Suing her and contacting the district attorney seems to be the right
way, though.
If you or defrauded parties need further information, you can contact us.
Butt please do not our contact on your website.
Thanks, sincerely yours
Bamberg / Germany


Women Scammers

Elena Shustova
Birth date: 6 December 1986
Phone: +7 9600982732 / +7 9177007720
Postal address: Parkway Green str, d.6, kv. 22, Novocheboksarsk (Cheboksary) 429965 Russia
Email: /

Elena Shustova is a scam artist. Typical fall in love fast, asks men for money and disappears afterwards.

Tatiana Anatolievna Koulakova (Tatyana Anatoliyevna Kulakova)
Birth date: 10 January 1974
Phone: +7 917 8622183
Postal address: 425000 Russia, Mari El, Volzhsk, 2 Pereulok Mososlova 14

Tatiana (Tatyana) is a real person living in Volzhsk city / Russia. She claims to be an English language teacher. Actually makes living asking money from foreign men. She is very sophisticated scammer and a very heartless one; you think that you are her most special man and her last hope. And you would completely believe her.
She is actually a good psychologist; she will find your sensitive spots and won't hesitate to use them. She will leave your heart broken and your bank account a couple of thousands dollars lighter.
She is very clever and involves you in a relation you believe to be totally true and amazingly close and special. She sounds absolutely reliable and trustworthy; she sends you sweet words and nice letters. She falls in love with you, wants to visit you, dying to be with you and wanting to marry you, make you first send her money for a computer and Internet connection (So she won’t need to go to the Internet clubs in snowing dangerous nights – she will read your mails and write to you from home). But, just before her visit to your country she falls ill (illness that might develop to cancer) and needs money to cover an urgent medical operation expenses, as it is a question of her life or death. As soon as you send her money the scammer Tatyana Anatoliyevna Kulakova disappears and you will never hear back from her.

Below is quotation from what a man wrote about this scammer:
This is very heartbreaking for me that such women exist. But I am not going to lie down and fret about it, I know there are many lovely genuine and exceptional ladies in your beautiful country! This experience probably will not make me immune to a scam in future; I am just too soft-hearted when I think that someone suffers. But the experience will not make me a worse person, but life will not be kind to Tatyana if she is a scammer. No decent person's self worth is worth so few dollars! I feel more aggrieved about the >300 emails which I wrote to her. B.S / South Africa

Yulia Echina (Julia/Yuliya) and Kristina Varvashenko (Christina) (This scammer uses either of these names)
Birth date: 14 November 1981
Phone: +7 9606376061 / +7 9047251580
Postal address: 5 August str, 14-18, Stroitel 308300 Russia
Email: /

Yulia Echina or Kristina Varvashenko, no doubt can be called a professional scammer. She scammed countless of men from around the world. She has tons of (working) scenarios that make men believe her and send money.

She could provide the following bank details to receive money:

EUR accout 30301978750020001600
An index 308600 city of Belgorod street popova 18

index 308600 ECHINA YULIYA
HOUSE 14-18

Marina Vladimirovna Fedorova
Birth date: 19 July 1982
Phone: +38 050 6417968
Postal address: Patona str 9, kv.81, Kherson 73021 Ukraine

Marina Vladimirovna Fedorova claims to be a teacher. Ask men to call her first as her spoken English is better than her writing skill. Most probably they are two scammers working together, the one who answers phone calls is Marina Fedorova and the one who writes emails is another person. We also heard that she is working with someone who operates a scam agency in Kherson / Ukraine. In her second or third mail she/he asks for money to cover her (Internet cafe charges). Next she finds other reasons to suck money from men.

Her bank account details:

Beneficiary: Fedorova Marina Vladimirovna
Account number: 26204600970704
Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X
Intermediary bank: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
New York, USA
Swift code: CHASUS33
Correspondent account: 0011000080


REMEMBER, No decent women in any part of the world who has not shared time with you face to face who has not hold you, hugged you and kissed you, she will never come up to you via email, phone call or on a chat and telling you about her sick dying parents or how she needs her phone bills to be paid so she can talk to you. Any request for money from a woman you have not met face to face is definitely a sign that there is a scammer involved.
Honest and marriage minded woman who is really interested in you will never ask for money, so don’t send money and avoid (women) who ask you for it.





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